interior perspective.jpg

This proposal aligns itself with the group narrative of rejuvenating the rich heritage of boat building in the area whilst adapting the rising sea level that allows for the people of Plymouth to become involved with the waterfront here at Stonehouse creek once again.


A sail makers paradise is the final step in a boats journey to being put use at sea. Here, sails are designed for all boats up to 15 meters and has the potential to create complex sail types. This process is a detailed one, therefore, the experiential values of the architecture align itself with the fabric, (weave & weft). There are opportunities to experience the life time of a sail on arrival allowing you to respect the fabric, by passing through sails of the past hanging from a seemingly floating canopy held by the masts that are situated on the inside of the building replicating that of a true sail boat.

exterior elevation render.png

The sail || the canopy

Comprised of vertical louvres and ptfe pillows inflated with argon .Originally intended to be a light weight structure similar to a sail itself this floating structure offers fine acoustic values when raining and allows diffused light into the building from above unlike any other canopy informed by the Nordic pavilion and the floating farm in rotterdam.


The mast || the  arching columns 

Elevating the canopy 500mm above the exterior walls the interior archers seat four beams inset from the any exterior element allowing the canopy to appear suspended over the building keeping visitors of the building engaged with the whole principle of a sail function and engineering. 


The hull || the walls || the screen

Encasing the primary workspace these screens push and pull users of building allowing the working to be thrown back into their work. These walls built from brick and informed by weave and weft allowing the rhythm of each segment to be tied together as if  a piece of fabric themselves.


The deck || the working shop 

Accessing fabric suspended from the air to allow the sail to built everything here is arranged in the sequence of that in which a sail is made. bookended by two facilities (toilets/storage/consultation ) the workshop is the centre of attention.


The rudder || the frame work

Rising from the sea is now a series of concrete arches allowing the building to canter-leaver off the bank over the water as well as framing the public walkway.