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 In a pragmatic line of enquiry POWER AND THE PEOPLE frames social power through addressing local civic matters against that of sustainable power generation supplying Plymouth with renewable tidal energy. The pairing of these two programmes illustrates the responsibility that those with social power have. Millbay, often characterised as Plymouth’s gateway ushers in travellers from all over the world, furthermore the designation of Plymouth as free port. The Proposals key inspiration were the pump houses set on the Cornish moorland, in that the these purely functional spaces made a statement of puncturing the landscape 

Finally the space, hopes to bring forward the issue of a lack of civic spaces openly available to regular people to hold meetings, and also set in motion change for those have been mistreated by this government by giving them political opportunity to have their voices heard, thus distributing power, while also providing Plymouth with renewable tidal energy, that also supports when the are surge needs. 

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Site As Found 

At the mouth of Millbay sits a pier that acts as a breakwater and docking point. Currently this point is disused, littered with rusting metal, and weeds pushing through the ageing concrete, an eyesore to the picturesque area. 

The siting here is Key to the proposal, as this massing is a representation of power in its own right, breaking the waves, protecting the harbour from the rough powerful waters. The site is also on the doorstep Plymouth offering the perfect hookup point to the localised national grid electric system